My name is Michael Hausenblas and since that’s such an awfully long name, I tend to use a shorter version of it: MH9. Now, as part of my job but also in my spare time I’m coding, mainly Go and shell scripts. Hence the site’s name: mh9 codes.


This blog uses the following setup:

  • I maintain the source in GitHub. This is essentially a bunch of Markdown files, and they represent the source of truth.
  • I’m using the static site generator Hugo to generate the Web pages.
  • Finally, to serve the site I am using AWS Amplify. This includes building a new site when I push changes to GitHub as well as DNS and cert management.

All code samples here are available under The Unlicense. If you decide code snippets shown here you’re doing so at your own risk. I do appreciate creditd, but they are not required.